My Bees Swarm Again

Gift Of Summer The second day of summer and my honeybees swarm again.  This time it was the second hive, the one that barely had anything going in to wintering and they managed to pull through.  The size of the bees from this hive is small too, smaller than the first hive's bees.  It didn’t matter... Continue Reading →

Not Finished Swarming

The Third Swarm The first hive swarmed again on the morning of June 7.   This is the third time within a month for this hive.  I think I should start naming the hives since I’m going to have five of them, and maybe more if they keep on swarming.  I didn’t expect to have this... Continue Reading →

Bee Swarm

Start A 'Beezy' Season We came out of winter with two out of three hives having survived.  One hive was wiped out by starvation.  Then one of the surviving hives was attack by skunks.  It was the smallest hive that I didn’t think would pull through the harsh winter.  I was really discouraged and guilty... Continue Reading →

Bee Swarm

They weren't suppose to.... I set up our first bee colony on May 9 this year and have been doing everything by the book ever since.  I have been feeding them since I set them up.  The instructions said I should feed them for at least 6 weeks or until they no longer take the... Continue Reading →

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