Cold Frame – Spring

Early Start I finally had a chance to do something in the garden.  My spring itch has subsided a little bit once I had the chance to get my hands dirty.   The garden is still covered with a foot or so of snow that is slowly melting away.  We made a path to the bird... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Garden

Summer Vegetables Our vegetable garden this year is very different from last year.  We had a lot of cherry tomatoes last year from seeds that sprouted up in compost I used.  There are not many of them this year as I've pulled the sprouts out early before my guilt set in.  I just can't bring... Continue Reading →

Mix and Match

For a Better Effect and Benefit It doesn't matter how much space we have for our vegetable garden, it's never enough.  We just expanded our fenced in vegetable garden from 16' x 16' to 16' x 22' this year but I'm still looking for space to put many more seedlings that have sprouted up.  I've... Continue Reading →


First Salad of the Season That magic moment we wait for every spring has finally arrived, consuming the first salad of the season from our garden.  Don’t get me wrong, we eat salad all the time but no supermarket salad can equal five minutes of picking fresh greens from our backyard. Organically grown, without pesticide,... Continue Reading →

A Satisfying Day

Love Thy Neighbor What did I do on my last day off?  I spent three quarters of my day creating a vegetable plot for my neighbor, Natalie.  I hadn't planned to, I was actually trying to set up a platform for my bee hive when I saw my 79 year old neighbor in her driveway.... Continue Reading →

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