Growing Tamarind From Seeds

Trial And Error I love eating Sweet Tamarind and spicy tamarind candy so much so that I forgot it has a laxative property.  Tamarind juice is also used in many beverages and cooking.  You cannot make real Pad Thai or Massaman curry without tamarind juice.  Young leaves and flowers are also good in cooking.  The juice... Continue Reading →

Spring Breakfast

Spring Salad & Smoked Salmon It wasn’t that cold this morning, the sun was bright and the birds were singing up a storm. It was a great time to have breakfast outside for a change. After surveying the garden to see what damage the deer had done last night, I picked our first salad of the season... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup With Spices

Fighting a Cold With Chicken Soup I've heard so many times that eating chicken soup when you have a cold helps you get over it faster.  This chicken soup advice is apparently common knowledge, not just here in the U.S.  I'm not sure if it is the chicken or what people put in the soup... Continue Reading →

Broiled Red Snapper

Gave In To The Craving Vegetables and seafood are our staples, providing that I have time to cook.  As for the fish, we seem to end up with salmon, swordfish or tilapia.  I've had so much salmon that if I ever fall into a rapid river I can easily swim upstream.  I have no complaint... Continue Reading →

Seafood Rice Soup

Great Breakfast I make breakfast most mornings when I don't have to go to work.  I just need a break from the grab and go type of breakfast like bagel, muffin or croissant and coffee.   We're both home today so it's a good day to have breakfast in the garden while enjoying bird songs... Continue Reading →

How Many Ways to Cook a Salmon

Seared Glazed Wasabi & Mustard Salmon Fish is good for your health, that what I’ve been told.  I really don’t care that fish is good for my health or not, I love eating them anyway.  I grew up eating a lot of fish and seafood.  I had a miserable two years of my life when... Continue Reading →


First Salad of the Season That magic moment we wait for every spring has finally arrived, consuming the first salad of the season from our garden.  Don’t get me wrong, we eat salad all the time but no supermarket salad can equal five minutes of picking fresh greens from our backyard. Organically grown, without pesticide,... Continue Reading →

Cooking Bitter Melon

Many Roads To Delicious Bitter Melon is not an easy vegetable to eat if you don't love bitter taste.  But it's still consumed widely in many countries.  Some folks have figured out how to reduce the bitterness.  One trick I know is to soak it in salt water if you're just going to blanch it... Continue Reading →

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