Growing Tamarind From Seeds

Trial And Error I love eating Sweet Tamarind and spicy tamarind candy so much so that I forgot it has a laxative property.  Tamarind juice is also used in many beverages and cooking.  You cannot make real Pad Thai or Massaman curry without tamarind juice.  Young leaves and flowers are also good in cooking.  The juice... Continue Reading →

Summer Feast

The Only Time We Compete This time of year is the only time we, the birds and us, compete for fruits in our garden.  We have wild cherry, ornamental cherry, white mulberry, wild raspberry, Golden raspberry, strawberry and blueberry on the property.  We gave up on the wild cherry since it's  too tall for us... Continue Reading →

The Survivor Tree

Nature's Resilience This post has nothing to do with my garden but I wanted to post it because it's heartfelt by me and is exceptional. I haven’t been to the World Trade Center area since the disaster on September 11, 2001.  That's a thirteen year stretch now.  I used to go there at least one a year for... Continue Reading →

Everbearing Strawberry

From June to Frost I put my first strawberries in the garden three years ago when I discovered that strawberries from a conventional farm are usually loaded with chemicals.  I started with four plants of ‘everbearing’ strawberry, the type that produces fruit from June to frost, just to see how difficult it is to grow them.... Continue Reading →

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