Spring Vegetables

A Good Head Start We installed a cold frame in our vegetable garden in order to have some fresh vegetables in winter.  We did get some cold loving vegetables like Chinese Broccoli, Swiss chard, kale, carrots and mustard greens.   Several times the vegetables inside wilted from the cold when we couldn't get access.  In... Continue Reading →

Spring Has Sprung

...With A Cold Shoulder I took the day off from work yesterday and the weather was on my side.  Still plenty of snow on the ground but the temperature had soared to nearly 60°F.  The honeybees should have been out and about now with a temperature this high, but alas, none to be seen.  So... Continue Reading →

Hello Spring

With Snow On The Ground We had around two feet of snow last Tuesday and most of it is still on the ground.  The daytime temperatures are hovering between 30 and 40°F which isn't helping to melt it.  Today is the official first day of spring but outside, you would never know it.  It's more like... Continue Reading →

Cold Frame – Spring

Early Start I finally had a chance to do something in the garden.  My spring itch has subsided a little bit once I had the chance to get my hands dirty.   The garden is still covered with a foot or so of snow that is slowly melting away.  We made a path to the bird... Continue Reading →

Winter Vegetables

Getting Ready For Winter There is not much left in the vegetable garden especially after temperatures dropped below 20º F.  I didn't have time to cover the plants outside the cold frame: Mizuna, Broccoli Raab, Scallion, and Mustard Green.  But they perked up a little bit once the temperature climbed above 50º F.  Heavy snow is... Continue Reading →

Benefits Of A Cold Frame

Early Bounty We set up a cold frame for the first time last autumn but it didn’t do much for us this winter because we installed it so late in the season.   However, it provided us with a place to start our vegetables early.  The seeds were sown in March when some days were still hovering around... Continue Reading →

Cold Frame Unveiled

It worked! Last year was the first time I grew vegetable in a cold frame.  It was an experiment in extending the growing season without using a heater.  I started late in autumn so the seedlings didn’t have much of a chance to build up strength.  The winter was also brutally cold with temperatures dropping below 0ºF for several days... Continue Reading →

The Cold Frame

An Attempt to Stretch The Growing Season I still don't know how this experiment will end up.  The whole thing started when I wanted to extend the growing season here in the north, growing winter vegetables without a heated greenhouse.  After reading books about growing vegetables in winter, especially when one of them took place... Continue Reading →

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