Winter Vegetables

Getting Ready For Winter There is not much left in the vegetable garden especially after temperatures dropped below 20º F.  I didn’t have time to cover the plants outside the cold frame: Mizuna, Broccoli Raab, Scallion, and Mustard Green.  But they perked up a little bit once the temperature climbed above 50º F.  Heavy snow is predicted for today so I harvested some Mizuna and Swiss … Continue reading Winter Vegetables

Cold Frame Unveiled

It worked! Last year was the first time I grew vegetable in a cold frame.  It was an experiment in extending the growing season without using a heater.  I started late in autumn so the seedlings didn’t have much of a chance to build up strength.  The winter was also brutally cold with temperatures dropping below 0ºF for several days at a time.  Two feet of snow completely blocked the … Continue reading Cold Frame Unveiled

The Cold Frame

An Attempt to Stretch The Growing Season I still don’t know how this experiment will end up.  The whole thing started when I wanted to extend the growing season here in the north, growing winter vegetables without a heated greenhouse.  After reading books about growing vegetables in winter, especially when one of them took place in Maine ( Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman), I … Continue reading The Cold Frame