The Growing Season Begins

Started Seedlings We’ve been bombarded with snow storms every week for the last three weeks and still have plenty of snow on the ground as a result.  The temperature dropped back to winter levels again after a warm stretch in February.  But it’s time to start germinating seeds for a new season, especially those that need more time to grow, bear fruit and ripen.  I … Continue reading The Growing Season Begins

City Tomato

A Will To Live I snapped this photo while I was on a lunch break.  A healthy tomato squeezing up from a crack in the sidewalk, between a drain pipe and a building.  It’s over a foot tall now so it’s been there for while. Who said a tomato plant is fussy and difficult to grow; this tomato defies the genre.  This one tough tomato … Continue reading City Tomato

An Invasion of Cherry Tomatoes

Too Much of A Good Thing I have promised myself I’ll pull out the self-sown seedlings in the vegetable garden in the next round, some of which will be thrown back in the compost pile and some replanted in a more manageable space.   I use compost extensively in both flower and vegetable gardens and that’s where the volunteer seedlings came from.  I don’t put just … Continue reading An Invasion of Cherry Tomatoes