Happy New Year 2021

Sunrise, January 1, 2021 May your 2021 be filled with joy and happiness. May you prosper in anything you set out to do. May you and your loved ones be healthy and safe.

New Year, New Chapter

My annual ritual- watching the New Year's 1st sunrise. Sitting in the dark, waiting for the first rays of the sun to breach the horizon gives me a sense of renewal and hope. My own spiritual practice, not associate with any religions. Now, I also capture its image too. Here is January 1st, 2020 sunrise.... Continue Reading →

Sunrise & Sunset

The New Year Breaks In the last couple of years I have made it a point to capture the January 1st sunrise and this year I managed to capture sunset as well.  It's nice to wake up to a new year dawn albeit a moody dawn this year. It was a little too cold to wait... Continue Reading →

Hurricane (continued)

After Nature Had Her Way I always love that period right after a rain or heavy storm, provided I don't have to vacuum water out from our basement.  The sky is clear and the air is clean; I can smell the freshness in it.  It's a very distinctive scent of life renewed.  Plants shake off... Continue Reading →


Worth getting up early for. I was up and about this morning, my usual habit anyway.  Early morning is the best time to be in the garden, the most active time of day.  Birds are singing even before the sun pokes its face over the horizon, only when you can see the outline of trees.... Continue Reading →

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