Happy About The Honeybees

They Survived After a week of Arctic blast temperature here, we have a balmy 60°F temperature this morning though raining.  The rain will continue for the rest of the day and is expected to stop by Saturday morning.  But 60 degrees Fahrenheit is high enough for the honeybees to come out of their hives and start cleaning themselves.  This weekend the temperature is predicted to … Continue reading Happy About The Honeybees

Bee Swarm

Start A ‘Beezy’ Season We came out of winter with two out of three hives having survived.  One hive was wiped out by starvation.  Then one of the surviving hives was attack by skunks.  It was the smallest hive that I didn’t think would pull through the harsh winter.  I was really discouraged and guilty too, as a matter of fact, by the whole situation. … Continue reading Bee Swarm

Wintering the Bees

My Way of Wintering the Bees This is my first winter as a beekeeper.  I’m trying my best to help my bees survive through the winter.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there about wintering the hive, especially, when it comes to insulating the hive.  One apiarist suggested that it’s not necessary to insulate the hive in winter since it will confuse the … Continue reading Wintering the Bees

First Round. Hurricane Sandy 1, Neighborhood 0.

After ‘Sandy’ Left Hurricane ‘Sandy’ hit the northeast coast of the US last Monday, October 29.  The eye of the storm made land fall on the New Jersey shore to be exact, but the effect of it is wide spread.  In Lower Manhattan, from 34th street down, lost power that Monday night and most of the area just gained it back the following Saturday.  Further … Continue reading First Round. Hurricane Sandy 1, Neighborhood 0.