First Round. Hurricane Sandy 1, Neighborhood 0.

After ‘Sandy’ Left

Hurricane ‘Sandy’ hit the northeast coast of the US last Monday, October 29.  The eye of the storm made land fall on the New Jersey shore to be exact, but the effect of it is wide spread.  In Lower Manhattan, from 34th street down, lost power that Monday night and most of the area just gained it back the following Saturday.  Further in land where we live, there were many trees down and we lost power and cable on that Monday and didn’t get it restored until Saturday afternoon.  The sky started to clear on Tuesday afternoon, but the clean up process will last much longer.

Luckily, all our trees are safe from high winds though our neighborhood was, and in many areas, still littered with fallen trees.  I had prepared for the worst case scenario: taken all the birds feeders down, brought a lot of firewood in under the roof, took anything that could fly off with high wind inside and tied down the beehive to concrete blocks.  Once ‘Sandy’ had gone, I did some surveying…

A pine tree was uprooted along the roadside leading to where we live.
A power pole broken in half and blocking the road.
Our beehive was left standing despite a whole section of the fence right behind it having been blown off. I actually laughed at this.

2 thoughts on “First Round. Hurricane Sandy 1, Neighborhood 0.

  1. Ironic the hive is still there… we should bungee big trees!! Sorry to hear you lost power. We were in Europe when Sandy hit; our grown kids live in Brooklyn and Queens, but work in Manhattan. So many lives disrupted/ended this week. Al Gore was right!!! We couldn’t get back from Europe for 3 more days past our original flight plan into JFK… Experienced fall in the Alps. Had La Dolce Vita for the first time… it comes in a wine bottle with an Italian label.
    Be well friends. Looking forward to your winter posts.

    1. Thank you and welcome back. Losing power for five days was nothing compared to the people who are still in the dark or have no homes to go back to (I’m sure you read about the fires and flooding). Another round is coming in this Wednesday. Hopefully, it’ll not be as bad.

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