Earth Day

With Respect and Gratitude 

The Earth gives us sanctuary and sustains us in all things.  Aside from being a provider, she is also a designer, inventor and teacher among many other things. She is kind but can never be tamed.  That last is quite likely what saves us all from ourselves in the end.

Here’s some of the great beauty she gives us….

Crocus, after hiding below the surface of the earth for most of the year, tells me that spring is finally here
Sand cherry blooms much earlier than other cherries in our garden, with a lovely honey fragrance
Columbine catching a rain drop

Thank you, Mother Earth

With Respect and gratitude

First Day Of Spring

Welcoming With Snow….And Colors

Today is the official first day of spring but it has been snowing since midday.   So far we have accumulated around two inches.  I don’t mind the big fluffy flakes with no wind; very peaceful.  However that spring itch has gotten to me.  I started trimming the tropical plants in the basement and fed the ones I have no plans for transplanting to a new pot.  It’s a task I do one month before I can take some of them outside for real sunlight and fresh air.

They seem to know that spring is coming.  Many of them are pushing out flowers and new leaves.  The ones that have been in a semi-dormant stage during winter are showing signs of new buds. Here are some ‘basement buds’ trying to rush spring along a little:

Scented Geranium 'Rober's Rose' has flowering buds on every stem                                                        s.  The flower has lemon-rose scent
Scented Geranium ‘Rober’s Rose’ has flowering buds on every stem. The flower has a lemon-rose scent
Geranium 'Skeleton Rose' also has many flower buds
Geranium ‘Skeleton Rose’ also has many flower buds
Geranium 'Tango Violet', though the flower has no scent, it has a very s      triking color
Geranium ‘Tango Violet’, though the flower has no scent, it has a very striking color
Most of the Lantana leaves had dropped off in winter but now green buds and flowers here and there
Most of the Lantana leaves had dropped off in winter, but now green buds and flowers are here and there
Christmas cactus or should I call it 'Spring' cactus
Christmas cactus or should I call it ‘Spring’ cactus

And a welcome mat from the windowsill:  Moth Orchids

This Moth orchid has been blooming throughout the winter
This Moth orchid has been blooming throughout the winter
This one just bloomed a couple of weeks ago
This one just bloomed a couple of weeks ago


Spring Weather, Finally

A Cold, Wet Day

It was normal spring weather today, rainy and chilly as spring should be.  After an unreasonably hot March,  we finally have spring-like weather back.  It’s been raining or drizzling on and off all day.  I decided to roll the row cover back over the vegetable seedlings, though I knew they’d be able to deal with 40 degree temperatures. Howevert the cold does slow their growth.  I want my salad sooner.

There was a brief period today when I could duck out with the camera without ruining it.  Something about the silvery, shimmering drops of water that hang on to leaves and flower petals that is very soothing, very meditating.  Nature stages them, I just took the photographs.

Beauty derived of a wet and cold spring day.

Pearl on a Peony
On a white Bleeding heart leaf
On Columbine leaves
On a Daffodil flower, just about to open
On Anemone
Clinging to a Bleeding heart leaf.
On Helleborus
Little pearls on Columbine leaves

What happened to spring??

You can call us … crazy

I had just come home from work at around 9:00 p.m.  The weather advisory freaked me out…. frost warning! Shouldn’t I be freaked?  It was 60 or 70 degree during the day a few days ago and night time temperatures have been in the upper 40’s.  I had put some of the seedlings in the ground, the ones that are hardy enough to deal with 40 degrees at night.  Some of them are even happy with a little cold like the little Sugarsnap peas.  They were fine until tonight.

The wind has been howling all day and seem to pick up even more at night.  The cold front is moving in from Canada and the temperature may drop to below 30 degrees.  We were out with our jackets on and we still felt the chill.  The poor seedlings need jackets!

Yes, at 9 p.m, we were out there with heavy duty garbage bags to cover rows of peppers, celery and sugar snap peas and weigh them down with firewood logs and stones.  The Moonflowers that were just about to reach the trellis went in hiding under tall plastic soup containers that I have been collecting.  Hopefully, they will not freeze to death.

We walked around the yard with a flashlight to make sure that we didn’t forget anyone.  We took the solar fountains in as well, just in case.  It’s better to be safe than sorry since they will freeze only once and not work again after that.

This is love.  Love makes you crazy.  Love makes you care.  And, sometimes it seems it seems a little obsessive.  But, I don’t mind being called “crazy” because I couldn’t let these little guys freeze to death out there.

Well, there is a way to reason this.  I will have to wait a few more weeks before I can eat them, if I let them die.  How’s that?  It’s a good enough reason to brave the cold at 9 p.m. with a flashlight to cover them up.  Oh, I will have to free them for sunlight tomorrow morning before I go to work too.

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