Worth getting up early for.

I was up and about this morning, my usual habit anyway.  Early morning is the best time to be in the garden, the most active time of day.  Birds are singing even before the sun pokes its face over the horizon, only when you can see the outline of trees.  Cool breezes blow softly against my skin. Dew still holding to the tiniest surface of leaves and flower petals before evaporating into thin air.  Nothing beats being outside with a fresh cup of hot coffee in hand at this time of day.

The birds usually wake me up in the morning.  On the days  I have to go to work, there are tasks I have to do before hopping on a train to the city.  Watering is a must.  Vegetables need to be watered every day, especially when they are sprouting.  The rest of the garden will get their water on alternating days.  Sometimes they go for a few days without water due to good mulch which holds the water well.  Photography is optional.  Breathing deep the fresh air and fragrant of flowers helps prepare me for a day at work, something I consider a must-do.

Today is a mini vacation for me, so I’m not in a hurry.  I’m taking a couple of days off  to keep up with the garden since the weather jumped from mild winter to summer overnight it seems.  I’m out watering the plants at 7:00 am.  Gathering myself together outside I looked up toward the tree line and promptly ran back in the house for the camera.  These photos don’t really do the view justice.  You have to imagine 180 degrees and the silence broken only by a lush avian chorus in full symphony all around me.  I stood transfixed for a few minutes.

7:00 am. Just add birdsong.
Looking toward the tree line.

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