Spring flowers

Dancing in the sun

It is spring, officially three days ago, but it feels like summer.  I don’t know what to do in the garden any more.  We had a snow storm in October that took down a few of our trees.  Then came a very mild winter, hardly any snow.  Now early spring, but temperatures have soared to 80 degrees.  It will go down to 50 degrees during the day and low 30’s at night in the next few days.  I have a suspicious feeling that there will be snow in April.

I was able to find time to do spring cleaning on weekends in previous years but I couldn’t keep up this year.  I decided to take  three days off from work to take care of the garden.  The roses need to be pruned and fed.  Perennials need to be trimmed before they grow too big.  Garden related tasks I used to take my sweet time to do have to be compressed to within a week or so.  Have you ever tried to prune and train rambling roses when they are in full leaf?  If you have the choice, don’t do it.

One good thing that comes out of a high-temperature spring is flowers blossoming all over the place.  Here is a trio dancing in the sun.

Anemone "Harmony Blue"
Anemone "Harmony Scarlet"

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