How Many Ways to Cook a Salmon

Seared Glazed Wasabi & Mustard Salmon

Fish is good for your health, that what I’ve been told.  I really don’t care that fish is good for my health or not, I love eating them anyway.  I grew up eating a lot of fish and seafood.  I had a miserable two years of my life when I couldn’t eat shrimp.  I didn’t know why I had allergic reaction to ship at that time.  Maybe I ate too many of them, both cooked and raw and my body just had enough of it.  I forced myself to eat it after a while, through all the throwing up and itchiness.  I’m happy again that I don’t miss a good thing in life.

Back to fish, you can do a lot of things with salmon: grill, broil, fried, steam, smoke, make curry or eat it raw.  You can cook salmon with various ingredients within one method of cooking.  So, how many ways you can cook a piece of salmon again?  Countless!

Last weekend we, or I in this matter, made seared Wasabe & mustard salmon with garden salad.  It was easy to make and we felt healthy already.

Seared salmon and garden salad

Seared Wasabe & Mustard Salmon


  • Good piece of salmon. The belly part is the best, very rich and fatening. (Salmon fat is good for you, high in Omega3)
  • Mixed Wasabe & mustard.  I used Stonewall Kitchen.  No, I don’t have any stock in this company.  They just make good condiments and spread.
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Olive oil
  • Mixed salad green that you like.  We just picked what ever we had in the garden at the time.  Last weekend our salad was a combination of arugula, French breakfast radish, Belle radish, Metzuma, Pak choi and a little cheat on supermarket tomato and bell pepper.

Here is how to make it:

  • Mixed the Wasabe & mustard with lemon or lime juice to your preference.  My trick is whenever I use a new ingredient I would taste it by itself first.  I’ll know exactly how much I should add the other ingredients because I know how salty, sweet, sour it is.  Then I know how much to add the other stuff.
  • Rub the mixture on the salmon.  Put the rubbed salmon in the bowl and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.
  • Once you’re ready to cook, take the salmon out from the fridge 10 minutes before
  • Wet the grilling pan with olive oil.
  • Drop the salmon on the pan, skin side first.
  • Turn it after 2 minutes.
  • Take the salon out after a couple of minutes.  We like the fish a little raw inside.  For well-done fish you may have to cook longer.  Just remember, fish will continue cook after you take it off the heat.

Bon Apetite!

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