Honey Bees And Water

Thirsty Bees It's getting warmer now but I still wear a sweatshirt while working in the garden. The temperature was a little bit above 50° F but the bees were all over the birdbaths, especially the heated one.  I put a couple of stones in each birdbath for the bees to use as a landing and... Continue Reading →

A Very Warm Day, Hooray, Hooray

And Very Productive Day According to the calendar last Wednesday was still winter, but the weather was more like summer.   The temperature had gone up above 80° F.   I had a day off from work and because it was so nice outside I spent most of my day in the garden.  I achieved my main priority:... Continue Reading →

First Inspection

After Five Months Finally, a break last Sunday, great weather and I’m home. It was sunny, over 70°F, and no wind, a good day for opening up beehives for the first inspection.  I have removed insulation from all hives and opened them up for the first time after five months.  As I suspected, only hive#1 survived the... Continue Reading →

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