Tomatoes And Chili Peppers

Time To Start Seedlings Tomatoes and chili peppers are a staple in our vegetable garden.  We love trying new kinds of tomatoes for both color and taste.  Once we find the one we like we cull seeds to grow the year after.  Four kinds of tomato we have been growing every year because they have a... Continue Reading →

Chili Peppers

A Good Year I have fun growing chili peppers and continue searching for new varieties to add to my collection.  Growing varieties of chili peppers stems from my love for spicy food.  This year I grew fourteen kinds of chili peppers, plus Hungarian paprika, Little bell pepper and Baby bell pepper.  I ran out of space basically.  As much... Continue Reading →

Started Seedlings

Adapting To A Long Winter I usually start seedlings of any plants that need longer time to mature in the house not long before I can plant them outside: Chili pepper, tomato, Bitter melon, Moonflower and a few more. I put them right in their permanent spots in the garden when they have developed their... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Seedlings

Seedlings In The House I promised myself to be tougher with self-sown seedlings this year.  Last year we returned from vacation to discover plenty of tomato seedlings in the vegetable garden.  They were very healthy too, so I dug some up and either gave them to colleagues or replanted them in my neighbor’s garden.  I... Continue Reading →

Chili Pepper

A Few Varieties...and Counting Not everybody loves spicy food.  However, if you grew up eating it or having grown used to the heat, it’s hard to live without it.  Most of the food I grew up with is spicy, including dessert and snacks.  And chili peppers?  We have countless kinds with different shapes, colors, and... Continue Reading →

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