Rescue Mission

Saving A Mourning Dove I admit I've never really liked Mourning Doves.  They take over the tray feeders, sitting in the middle and keeping others out.  They sit in the birdbaths and enjoy the water while fouling it.  They won't leave until they are done or until I chase them off and they don't sing.  Their... Continue Reading →

And the Orchestra Resumes

The Loudest Performance Of The Year It’s still a little cold out, not freezing though close enough.   But it’s warm enough for birds to migrate back to this area.  The ones that take residence year round and group together for winter survival start to de-group now.  They all sing to make their territory known, and to attract... Continue Reading →

One Warm Day

Many Activities We got a break one day last week.  The temperature has gone up to a little bit above 40ºF for a day, actually for a few hours.   Then it dropped back down to below freezing again a day later.  But just a few hours was enough to create activity at one of the... Continue Reading →

Population and Clean Up Control

Taking Their Job Seriously Our garden is still covered with snow, not the fluffy stuff but the cement-like snow resulting from melting and freezing again.  The neighborhood birds are having a tough time finding food so our garden has become a gathering place for many of them.  With eight feeders and two heated birdbaths spread... Continue Reading →

Christmas Bird Count

Unofficial Observation I've been thinking about joining the Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count  (CBC) every year but never did.  Though I have good intentions, if I'm not sure I can fully commit I would rather not do it.  This year is the 114th of the Christmas Bird Count which is taking place from December 14, 2013... Continue Reading →

Cooper’s Hawk

Population Control Officer At Work It snowed again today.  There was some snow on the ground when I woke up and it continued to snow all day.  I looked out the kitchen window while getting water for the coffee machine and saw the commotion in the garden.  All the small birds scattered, dashing for cover,... Continue Reading →

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