Happy Halloween

From Garden Spiders

Spiders can evoke nightmares and cause many people to pause or scream.  For us, they are friends.  We have plenty of them in the garden and some in the house which we don’t mind as long as they stay in the corners.  I should point out that they keep the house flies in check for us.  The webs they create always fascinate me especially when there is dew on them.

I don’t have to waste words extolling their natural beauty…

Who knew a deadly trap could be this beautiful
A crystal necklace
Even a deer fence looks nice with the web on it
Crystal monkey bridge

More spiderwebs and dew at Amazingseasons

Happy Halloween to one and all

New Kid On The Blog

Capturing Changes

I decided to create another blog mainly for photographs and a very short description.  Photographs of what I have witnessed not just in my garden but in places I happened to be at interesting moments.  They are mostly about nature as that has never ceased to amaze me.

It’s very hard to pick a good name for a new blog that will adequately convey what the blog is about.  A lot of good names are up for sale.  I have spent a good few hours to come up with Amazing Seasons.   It doesn’t have many posts yet as it is less than a couple of weeks old, but have patience, much awaits posting.

Hope you enjoy it.

Dew on Nasturtium leaf
Dew on Nasturtium leaf

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