Maximizing Space

Growing Vertically We devote only a small part of our backyard for vegetable gardening and I'm always looking for a way to add more plants and increase productivity in the existing space.  Though we have put a deer fence up around our backyard, we still have to put a low fence around the vegetable garden.... Continue Reading →

New Vegetables This Year

Edible Chrysanthemum I’ve been thinking of growing Edible Chrysanthemum for years but have never gotten around to it until this year.  Either it was too early or too late in the growing season to sow the seeds, or I ran out of space.  This spring was too cold to grow a lot of leafy vegetables so... Continue Reading →

Benefits Of A Cold Frame

Early Bounty We set up a cold frame for the first time last autumn but it didn’t do much for us this winter because we installed it so late in the season.   However, it provided us with a place to start our vegetables early.  The seeds were sown in March when some days were still hovering around... Continue Reading →

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