Happy About The Honeybees

They Survived After a week of Arctic blast temperature here, we have a balmy 60°F temperature this morning though raining.  The rain will continue for the rest of the day and is expected to stop by Saturday morning.  But 60 degrees Fahrenheit is high enough for the honeybees to come out of their hives and... Continue Reading →

Very Warm Autumn

Feeding Honey Bees In Mid-December Sunday was a record breaker for high temperatures in New York.  With 67º F in Central Park, it breaks a high temperature record set back in 1923.   Where we live the temperature was only slightly over 60º F and it was warm enough for the honeybees to come out of their hives, cleaning themselves... Continue Reading →

They Pulled Through The Winter

 And Have Started To Raise A New Generation Today was a perfect day.  The temperature reached 60ºF, sunny and no wind. I was lucky to be home and used the opportunity to clean up part of the garden.  I don't worry much about the plants since I know that most of them are either native or... Continue Reading →

Honey Bees in Early Winter

A Warm Day For Stretching And Cleaning I didn't expect to see our honey bees until sometime in March when the temperature is a little warmer.  But to my surprise, the temperature yesterday shot up to almost 70º F.  It doesn't matter whether there is snow on the ground or not if the temperature is... Continue Reading →

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