New Bees

Installing Them In New Hives I couldn't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  Not that there wasn't anything to write about but life has been so hectic.  Back to normal again at last and with good news as well. Four of the hives didn't make it through winter and the one... Continue Reading →

Not Finished Swarming

The Third Swarm The first hive swarmed again on the morning of June 7.   This is the third time within a month for this hive.  I think I should start naming the hives since I’m going to have five of them, and maybe more if they keep on swarming.  I didn’t expect to have this... Continue Reading →

Bee Swarm

Start A 'Beezy' Season We came out of winter with two out of three hives having survived.  One hive was wiped out by starvation.  Then one of the surviving hives was attack by skunks.  It was the smallest hive that I didn’t think would pull through the harsh winter.  I was really discouraged and guilty... Continue Reading →

They Pulled Through The Winter

 And Have Started To Raise A New Generation Today was a perfect day.  The temperature reached 60ºF, sunny and no wind. I was lucky to be home and used the opportunity to clean up part of the garden.  I don't worry much about the plants since I know that most of them are either native or... Continue Reading →

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