Winter Emergency Feeding

Just In Case... It's over 50°F again today and the honeybees came out of their hives even though it's cloudy.  I observed them carrying out their dead and picked up a few for a closer inspection.  I found that dead bees from hive #2 have their tongues sticking out, a sign of starvation.  So I... Continue Reading →

Winter Pollen

Bringing Christmas Gifts For The Hive It's Christmas day but the weather feels more like mid-spring.  The temperature has been hovering around 60° F and the bees have been busy feeding on sugar syrup.  Some bees prefer fresh Chinese broccoli flowers which are the only flowers left in the garden. I  looked at all the hives and... Continue Reading →

One Warm Day

Many Activities We got a break one day last week.  The temperature has gone up to a little bit above 40ºF for a day, actually for a few hours.   Then it dropped back down to below freezing again a day later.  But just a few hours was enough to create activity at one of the... Continue Reading →

Honey Bee In Winter

Never Been So Happy To See Dead Bees We have over a foot of snow on the ground and it is threatening to drop another 8 to 10 inches this weekend.  The snow itself is not bad for the honey bees but the frigid cold that follows may wipe out our hives.  We have seen a... Continue Reading →

Bees On My Mind

Their Well Being Winter is not just a time to look through plant catalogs but also the time to plan for spring beekeeping.   As much as I don't like 50º F in January, following -6º F days, it has taken a heavy load off my chest.  Last week the temperature had dropped to -6ºF... Continue Reading →

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