First Inspection

After Five Months Finally, a break last Sunday, great weather and I’m home. It was sunny, over 70°F, and no wind, a good day for opening up beehives for the first inspection.  I have removed insulation from all hives and opened them up for the first time after five months.  As I suspected, only hive#1 survived the winter.  The other four hives were gone, one died of … Continue reading First Inspection

Spring Honeybees

Busy Bees I feel less worried and even crack a smile now when friends and colleagues ask me about my honeybees.  It was above 50° F yesterday and bees from hive #1 came out in droves.  They mostly used the top entrance; only once in a while one or two bees would enter or exit the bottom entrance.  I saw a couple of bees go inside hive# … Continue reading Spring Honeybees

Honeybee Pests

The One I Especially Avoid I was so happy that two out of three hives survived the winter. The survivors are happily foraging now and busy bringing in a lot of pollen. The smaller of the two survivors stood alone outside the fence, ten feet away from the main two hives during winter. I had already dismantled the dead hive creating an empty base of cement … Continue reading Honeybee Pests