Spring Is Coming

And It Will Not Be a Good One We came back from our vacation to a sharp drop in temperature.  Our friends told us that while we were gone the temperature had gone up to the 60°F for a couple of days and mostly hovered above 50°F for the rest of that period.  I can... Continue Reading →

Signs Of Spring’s Arrival

New Life Cycle It’s been only three months when I last saw flowers in our garden but it seems a very long time ago.  The longing get worse when I see flowers in other bloggers gardens that are still blooming or spring flowers that have already come up.  Wishing that we lived in a warmer... Continue Reading →

Between Winter And Spring

Time to Start Seedlings There are still a few feet of snow in the garden and the temperature remains below the freezing point.  There's no sign of spring in sight aside from a few confused American Goldfinches that have started to molt early.  We chiseled a path around the house but not much else. House bound, pretty... Continue Reading →

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