A Brutally Cold Week

Lending A Hand To Avian Friends We have been hit by a brutally cold winter since Christmas that has become much worse in the last couple of days.  Yesterday and today the temperature hovering in the single digits, Fahrenheit, during the day and dropping down below 0°F at night.  This number does not take windchill into account which would drop it into negative double digits.  This … Continue reading A Brutally Cold Week

Birds of Winter

Enjoying The Hospitality Winter temperature has finally matched the season and there is not much of anything out there.  Snow has not yet paid a visit.  The birds have picked most of the seeds off the buds I left in intact for them: Echinacea, Black-eyed Susan, Goldenrod… So now they enjoy the additional food we put out for them.  On  cold days they can enjoy a heated birdbath too. We … Continue reading Birds of Winter

Taking Refuge From the Snow Storm

And Frigid Cold We got hit by snow storm Hercules last night to midmorning today.  The snow itself accounted for little accumulation, only  six inches or so, but the frigid wind was another story.    The temperature is around 3ºF now but the strong wind makes it much colder.  I’m really concerned for our honey bees, that they may not survive this winter.  I left the … Continue reading Taking Refuge From the Snow Storm