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City Tomato

A Will To Live

I snapped this photo while I was on a lunch break.  A healthy tomato squeezing up from a crack in the sidewalk, between a drain pipe and a building.  It’s over a foot tall now so it’s been there for while.

Who said a tomato plant is fussy and difficult to grow; this tomato defies the genre.  This one tough tomato takes on dirt, exhaust fumes and heat in stride.  It definitely has a strong will to live.  Someone may have gotten a salad but didn’t like the tomato and threw it on the sidewalk (the NYC attitude).  One little seed from that tomato had a will to live and found its way to survive and grow in a concrete forest, Manhattan, on its own.  This is a tomato with guts.  A tomato with ambition.  A tomato not intimidated by the less decent the city has to offer.  It will be really cool if it bears fruit.

One lone brave tomato
One lone brave tomato