A Good Year For Tomato

Slow To Start But Good At The End The growing season started late this year because winter seemed to last forever.  Vegetables that need warmer temperatures like tomatoes and peppers grew slowly at the beginning.  I started to germinate the seeds in March but couldn’t put anything in the ground until May.  Once in the ground, they... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Flowers

Edible Beauty Summer is the time to let some vegetables flower.  Not just for the seeds I can keep to plant next year but for the honeybees as well.  Most of these flowers are edible.  The only one I'm not sure of is the lettuce since I've never eaten it.  I do know that lettuce... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Garden

Summer Vegetables Our vegetable garden this year is very different from last year.  We had a lot of cherry tomatoes last year from seeds that sprouted up in compost I used.  There are not many of them this year as I've pulled the sprouts out early before my guilt set in.  I just can't bring... Continue Reading →

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