Building competition

Choosey little builders

The building competition  has been going on for the past few weeks.  Today was much more so, especially the House Wren and the Tree Swallow.  A bird house by the vegetable garden is taken over by a loud little singer House Wren since any Swallow that tried to take it were chased away by the old pair.  The House Sparrow tried to take over after the Swallows left but I did my best to make sure that they had no chance.  The House Wren came around a couple of days ago.  Well, his voice came first.  A tiny brownish guy with a very loud chirp. He decided to take the house, who knows may be as a decoy.  Last year, one of the Wrens built three houses but really nested in only one of them.  I didn’t know that Wrens could be so choosey.  He removed some grass that the Swallow put in the house.  For the first couple of times he was nice enough to take it back to the brush pile near by, but later he just dropped it after he pulled it out.  Then he picked some small twigs and started to build his home.

He would fly out and land on his roof each time after putting a new twig in and chirp a recitative.  I have no idea what he was announcing, but I think  more like “It’s my house, don’t even think about it.” or “Here, ladies.. a great comfy house.. you can see sun rise from the bedroom..”

The other choosey ones…Tree Swallows.  For her comfort, he lines the nest with white feathers. Have you ever seen a flying metallic, dark blue bird with a pure white feather between his beak? It was an interesting sight to see.  The only thing that topped it was a Robin flying with a latex glove dangling from his beak.  Once the swallow was done with the feather, he came around with a piece a grass around two feet long.  He gave up after a few tries…he couldn’t get it in the house!  Then he’s back with a shorter one. With a Wisteria next to the house, they won’t need air freshener after the kids poop.

I will let you know whose kids sing first.

2 thoughts on “Building competition

    1. We are working on a video of the Wrens working on their home. I think they will take this one since two of them are building it. If only the male does the construction, it might be a dummy nest.

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