My little helpers finally showed up

If you want to grow an organic garden, you will have to enlist your little friends around the garden to join in with their large help.  The birds, bees, ladybugs, lacewings, earthworms, toads… to name a few.  As long as you don’t try to kill them with petricide and load your soil with chemicals they will hang around and give you a hand.  Providing something for them to eat will help even more.  They like us that way.  Would you like to hang out in a place where anything you touch may slowly kill you?  How about in a place bereft of good food?  The answer is “no”, providing that you are not self destructive.  The same goes with friends in the yard.

The only pesticide I use comes from soaking Camel cigarette (non-filtered) overnight then mixed with diswashing soap.  I usually pick the bugs or caterpillars off by hand.  Most of the time my little friends are around ready to offer a hand, actually legs, and happily chow down at the same time.

The Ladybugs showed up a couple of weeks ago despite the uneven weather.  They work hard on checking the top and bottom of rose leaves for Aphids. Even while mating, she still keeps working.  Her ability is really admirable.  I didn’t want to bother them.  I need to enlist their babies (larva) as well. If you see something that looks like it just chased Sigourney Weaver around in a movie wearing black with yellow or orange stripes, don’t squash it.  You don’t want to kill your ally.

Lady Beetle Larvae

One problem is that they work wherever they want to work.  I tried to cup some of them in my hands and move them to a rose bush that had more Aphids, but they usually flew off and either landed on a plant near by or on me.  I gave up.  Just wonder how people who buy them for the garden make them stay in the garden.  We have a lot of them in the garden but they only stay where they feel like.  They don’t take to leashes and we couldn’t find an electronic ankle bracelet small enough.