A Morning in the Garden

One of a great summer morning

Since it rained heavily last night, I don’t have to water the vegetable garden this morning.  So at 7:00 in the morning, I’m sitting here on the pool deck enjoying my coffee after I finishing my rounds in the garden.  Morning in the garden is always peaceful.  The sound of birds singing their hearts out before having breakfast, the fragrance of Arabian Tea Jasmine (Jasminum sambac)and Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) that lingers in the morning air makes the coffee taste better.

Little pretty flowers and sweet scent

Two Gray Catbirds came to check on the Blueberries.  We put a net over our Blueberries this year so all the berries won’t become bird food.  These two birds hopped around until they found a way inside the net and then enjoyed some berries right in front of me.  They are quite smart, very friendly birds and hard working bug-bashers in the garden as well.  Thank you, now I know how you guys get in.  The entry way will not be there when you come back.

Raindrops still hanging on the flower petals

The morning after a rainstorm is always pleasant.  The air is clean and cool and the raindrops that catch the morning sunlight sparkling like gems.  This is the best time to contemplate, meditate and imagine.

The Catbirds came back for the second round.  Sorry, you already have your fresh cut oranges in the basket and wild raspberries. They hopped around for a while before taking off to find an easier target.

I still hear the Bluebirds call from a tree somewhere nearby.  I hope they will find one of the unoccupied nest boxes appealing enough to nest in.  I have my slingshot and Bill has his less than Buddhist attitude ready to defend their nest from the House Sparrows.

The Hummingbirds, Piglets as we call them owing to their irascibility in hogging the feeders, came for their sugar fix at the feeders then stopped by the Lantana “Radiation” (Lantana camara) on the way out. There was no courting dance this morning or chasing one another off the feeders, maybe it’s too early and the sugar hasn’t gotten to their brain yet.  Just like me, the world is foggy until I’ve had a couple sips of coffee.

Piglet hovering over a feeder.

Looking up from the computer screen….there is the first Monarch butterfly I see this season.  Welcome to our garden.  We let the Milkweeds grow especially for you. Enjoy.  But try not to get eaten.

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