Bill’s Favorite Bird

I have always wondered why nature created this bird the way it is, for what purpose.  It can literately walk up and down the tree trunk and perch in the upside down position comfortably.  I’m talking about the Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis).   The upside down part seems to be the most comfortable position for them.  Once we saw a Nuthatch spin round and round on one of the feeder perching pins trying to get some seeds from it.  Since the seed port is above the perching pin, this little guy had a tough time getting himself right side up to pick a seed out of the feeder.  He finally hung on long enough to get one.

Waiting for its turn at the feeder

A small bird in a tux, the white-breasted Nuthatch looks more like they’re ready for a party,  white chest with grey and black streaks on the wings.  The Red-breasted Nuthatch which we seldom see in our garden, are less dressy and have a little rust color on their under part.

Looking for insects on the patio beams

Anyway, Bill loves the way this bird does everything upside down including eating.   We haven’t seen any of them defecate in this position yet, but wonder how they might avoid soiling themselves in the event.  OK, just curious.

The good part is that they like to come looking for insects under the patio roof, inspecting every beam while the Wrens work the tiny nooks and crannies that have to be done in an upright position.

2 thoughts on “Nuthatch

  1. Never seen a nuthatch… wonder if it eats termites? It must have some navigational gene mutation in the brain which causes it’s “upside downness”.
    Wacky and wonderful.

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