Spring Blooms

The Flood of Color and Scent Has Started

From spring forward is the time of year I prefer; it’s full of life, activity and colors.  Birds are busy defending their territory, courting and looking for great spots to make a home.  Insects start to come out of their hiding places and plants are pushing their new leaves and flower buds upward.  Once the bulb flowers start to fade away, the early blooming perennials come on stage and display their beauty.  In our garden, all around our little home….full of color and sweet scent.  Sorry, sound is not available at this moment.  But we’re thinking of adding it in the future just for fun.

Front walkway. Azaleas and Bleeding heart.
Front yard. Wisteria and Japanese maple. A pair of Bluebirds moved into that house in the background, right.
Walkway by the patio. Bearded Irises.
Farside of the garden. Roses and Oriental poppies yet to bloom

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