Our First Honey From the Hive

Throw the Rule Book Out

I know I wasn’t supposed to take any honey from the hive in the first year.  My instructor said it’s very rare for the bees to produce surplus honey on the first year.  They weren’t supposed to swarm either. They did.

We did the inspection last Saturday; a week after they swarmed.  We found five queen cells in the hive but no eggs.  There were plenty of bees in the hive and foraging.  I decided to take two of the queen cells out, the smallest cells of the five.  I hope the future queen that comes out of the cell first will take care of the other two.

We debated during the inspection should we take some of the honey or not.  Most of the combs in the top super were filled with honey.  There was only an inch at the bottom of most of the combs that were still not filled.  It’s only mid-July and there are plenty of flowers around the garden and in the neighborhood.  So, against all the rules, we took one of the full combs and replaced it with a new comb.

What a delightful experience!

We took some to our neighbor to pay back for her painful experience being sting by our bees when she tried to feed them.  She still wants to have her own hive next year.

We weren’t planning to harvest this year, but this is what we took from just one comb

4 thoughts on “Our First Honey From the Hive

    1. Thank you. It has divine a taste too or perhaps it’s just my psychological sense of small accomplishment. I just realized that fact of individuality of each hive.

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