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After a flood of “Maid of Orleans” jasmine (Jasminum sambac) a couple of weeks ago, there are still some flowers to pick for the house everyday but not as many, not until the second wave of flowers bloom.   They are forming new flower buds again and won’t slow down until they are back in the basement wintering over.

Now it’s the time other jasmine give their performance.  The “Belle of India” jasmine (Jasminum sambac)blooms next.  Yes, they are “sambac” as well.  The delicate white flowers are bigger than the “Maid of Orleans”, around an inch in diameter, with longer petals, and they smell just as sweet.  Some of the flowers are even double-layer petals.

The “Grand Duke of Tuscany” jasmines (Jasminum sambac) also start to bloom.  They are really grand when they bloom.  Each flower has one inch diameter with multi layers of petals and strong jasmine scent.  I have this vision of them in a small delicate vase on a dresser or on a jacket lapel.  I did cut some flowers and brought them in the house, their fragrance got even stronger in the evening.  The good thing about them is that unlike other jasmine, the flowers will last a couple of days instead of blooming for only one night.  They are too big to just pick the flowers off the plants so cutting them with their stem attached is a perfect way to bring them in the house.

Next to bloom is the “Azores Jasmine” (Jasminum azoricum).  This jasmine will wind up a small trellis very well and produces flowers in clusters.  Its fragrance is a little bit sweeter than the “sambac”.  It’s also a fast grower and can stay in a small pot as long as you feed it well.

I’m not done with the jasmine yet, still have a couple more to go.  Yes, I collect as many varieties as I can find.  I’m still looking for one particular jasmine, English name unknown to me.  I’ve seen them in Thailand but nowhere else I’ve been.  It has very small flowers that like stacked up stars.

I also wish I could capture their fragrance as well because the photographs alone just can’t do them justice.

Maid of Orleans blooming.
Belle of India produces larger flowers and smells as sweet.
Grand Duke of Tuscany is pretty “grand” when flowering.
Azores jasmine has more delicate petals but a sweeter fragrant.
This is the mysterious jasmine I’ve been looking for. Have you seen it?

13 thoughts on “More Jasmine

  1. I do wish that your blog had a mister for the aromas of your garden!! I’m sure Apple will develop it…haha Never knew there were so many varieties of Jasmine.

    1. Yes, I wish I could capture their scent too. I have no doubt that Apple may come out with a “mister” model eventually, but not in my lifetime. You can easily grow them in your garden, providing that the temperature will not go down below 50 degrees. We have them in pots and some of them have been with us for at least 15 years. I wonder if your pool deck would be warm enough at night in winter to keep them alive and happy. You would also have the nicest smelling pool deck in the neighborhood.

  2. The mysterious jasmine is called “Jasminum Sambac Mali Chat”. Considering the spectacular generosity that you show in sharing your Jasmine flowers, especially in “Bringing a Smile to Stranger’s Faces”, it would be my pleasure to send you a clipping. Send me an email and we can sort out the logistics!

    1. Thank you very much. Take a clipping at this time of year I will pretty much kill it. All my tropical plants are in the basement now, their winter camp. A newly propagated plant will not survive down there, even with plant lights 12 hrs a day. I’ll email you. Thank you again.

    2. Hi Brent I know you wrote this a long time ago, but was wondering how your plants are holding up, and if your still able to send clippings?

  3. Hello, last jasmine is jasmine sambac “Mali Chat “. 🙂

    Happy new year 2013 from the south-east France 🙂

    Pas : sorry for m’y bad english 🙂

  4. the last one is Mali Chat Jasmine Sambac Other varieties of Sambacs are Arabian nights , Mysore Muli , Grand Duke Supreme .other jasmines are J. polyanthum,J. nudiflorum,Jasminum beesianum,J. grandiflorum,J. humile,J. officinale (about 35 different species)

  5. “mali chat’ I hope you can find it. I know its indigenous to Thailand and is hard to find I’m in Australia and am trying to find info myself although being close to Asia I thought that there would be more info. Not to fear…… good luck.
    I think there are some ‘tropical websites’ that may ship but pending where you love may be expensive and or detrimental to the plants health.

      1. Dear P&B if you check out “” if your in America or neighbouring countries, all the Google hits come up for that site. I spoke to them alas they don’t ship to Australia 😦

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