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Never Too Many

We have two Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) that have never stopped blooming.  It doesn’t matter where they are, under artificial light in the basement, in the bay window or on the pool deck in summer, they bloom.  They deliver that delicious scent reminiscent of the tropics in the middle of winter.  I let the flowers set fruit that look a little like small oranges and take a while to mature to a bright red.

Abundant flowers, lovely scent

I didn’t think the seeds would sprout, but I put each one of them in individual pots anyway.  I took a chance since air-layering on tropical plants is hard to do because of the very short summer in my area.  If the seeds sprout, great.  If not, I have nothing to loose.   Surprisingly enough, four of them came up.   Even more surprising to me was that when they reached an inch and a half tall, they flowered.  A little white flower perched on the top of each plant.  I expected them to take a year or two before flowering.  I guess growing in mostly compost helps.

This summer, I let the fruits fall in the parents pots and let nature do the work.  I have a couple more seedlings now.  I only wish I could grow them outside so I could have a whole hedge of Orange Jasmine that would perfume the garden year round.

Their fruit looks a little bit like tiny limes or oranges for that matter.

These are little flowering seedlings. They are only a little bit over an inch tall.