Early Halloween

Decorated by Our Resident Spiders

It’s only the second week of October, but a lot of leaves have already turned to full fall colors.  The rain and wind in the last two or three days took down a lot of leaves and littered the garden.  They would be nice to walk on, if they weren’t soaking wet.

There is also dense fog in early morning, so dense that I couldn’t see further than a few feet and could feel the mist on my face.   It was the perfect setting for a horror movie or a Halloween party and our resident spiders agreed.

I went outside this morning to enjoy the quiet and fog.  I have always liked fog, but in the garden only, not on the road.  Fog gives the garden a sense of peace, quietness and stillness…a Zen moment.  I walked around to check on the plants and the damage the deer have done.  I knew there were a lot of spider webs in the garden, I have walked through them countless times, but this morning I could really see them.  The mist from the fog was hanging on to the spider web silk like a crystal necklace.  Some of them looked like sparkling glitter that the spiders threw on the plants at random.  It’s a lovely Halloween setting, except for a spooky Jumping spider staring back at me from the Zinnia.  But really, she’s cute and trying to keep a low profile.

Boo the jumping spider and the garden gang all wish you a happy Halloween.

A work in progress
Some sparkle added here
A Crystal Lattice
Imperfection or trying to make it look like a haunted garden
Also a work in progress
Crystals coming apart
‘Boo’ the spooky Jumping spider.

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