The Beauty of Icicles

I looked out at the garden this morning and discovered that the garden was coated with an icing, as well as the lawn.  It was a beautiful morning, sunny and calm, but pretty cold.  As much as I had to work against the sun that was rising and melting the tiny icicles and everything it touched, I tried not to walk on the lawn or disturb the crystal-coated  leaves and spent flowers.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  There will be another frost tomorrow, but the ice crystals will not form the same way.

Here are some of the crystal displays putting Swarovski to shame.

Frost on what is left of Abelia
This die-hard tiny chrysanthemum is still blooming despite snow and frost.
On what’s left of an Echinacea seed head
On Goldenrod, coral-like but looks more like snow than frost.
On a blade of grass
On the base of an Echinacea seed head
On English Lavender
On Maple leaves
On Rugosa rose ‘Blanc de Coubert’
On Red Russian Kale

6 thoughts on “Frost

  1. They all look sugar coated! Almost dessert like. Others like the salt on a Margherita glass rim. Makes me think of the Holidays…too much eating and drinking. Thanks for always making my eyes happy with your beautiful images. I am grateful to see them throughout your planting year.

    1. They are fascinating, especially when you enlarge the photos, you can see the different designs of each delicate ice crystal. I thought of Margheritas also when I saw the one on the grass.

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