4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year – I just came across your blog looking for a picture of a honeybee with clethra for a newsletter. Gosh, you have done a wonderful job of blogging and seemingly also beekeeping for your first year. Congrats!

    I figured I’d reach out to you…. I’m Grai from HoneybeeLives.org. We teach organic beekeeping in Brooklyn and Hudson Valley. If you feel like it – please check us out and pass on news about our upcoming classes if you know people who may be interested.

    I am starting to write an article for UCBA (www.ulsterbees.org) – not only do you have good photos of bees on clethra, you have photos of honeybees on plants that I have never seen them forage on.

    I love the title of your blog too. Wonderful! Thank you! Grai

    1. Thank you. I still have a lot to learn about beekeeping, but I’ve been providing organic food source for bees and butterflies for years. Will check both your sites out.

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