Fog, From A Different Perspective

We haven’t seen any sunshine for the past few days, the days are just foggy and damp.   The high temperature for today is about 45°F, pretty high for mid-January.  We still have some snow on the ground that’s melting away slowly.  The fog stays all day, it either gets lighter or thicker, but never goes away.

Fog is used to portray something bad about to happen in horror flicks, TV shows of the same genre’ etc.  Shipwreck, car accident, ghost…anything bad and creepy.  But, for me there is always another side of the coin.  There are many perspectives to look at.

When I looked outside in the last couple of days I’ve seen just silhouettes of trees in a sea of fog.  Not much else from morning to evening.  Once I got used to it, it’s nice not to see anything much further.  It gives me a sense of privacy, intimacy, and serenity.  It’s like a very fine thin, quiet veil between me and everything else around me.  Sometimes it’s nice to pull that soft curtain of solitude around oneself, at least temporarily.

We decided to go to the reservoir nearby, just to see what it’s like today.  What we found was a profound serenity.  The photographs I captured here don’t do much justice to the actual scenery and the feeling of the mist we felt on our skin.

Fog over the resevior
Fog over the reservoir
People on a row boat
Fishing? Or meditating in the mist? ..Likely a little of both.
Reflection of dead tree trunk on placid water
Reflections of tree trunks on placid water
A Rorschach test
A Rorschach test
Swan amidst a sea of fog, a Zen moment
Swans amidst a sea of fog, a Zen moment
A tree line
Silhouette of bare trees and their reflection

8 thoughts on “Serenity

    1. It was very serene. We couldn’t see much of anything at some points; didn’t even see the fishermen at first. Did you take advantage of the fog within your meditation circle?

  1. Your photos display the serenity you write about. Fog can be protective too.
    The water reflections become abstract. I miss going up to the reservoirs.

    1. Imagine floating over that water, carried gently upon a quiet, gauzy mist. The only interruptions while I was there was the occasional car passing by on the road above. Other than that it was meditation heaven.

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