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Zen Moment

It has been pretty cold in the past few weeks.  All the reservoirs in the area have frozen.  Even when the temperature has gone up above the freezing point, the surface of the reservoirs still look like skating rings.  It doesn’t matter how cold and windy it is, there are always some ice-fishermen out there…..fishing!

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of ice-fishing, you know, drilling a hole in the ice and sitting for hours in the cold to fish.  I couldn’t.  I would if my life depended on the fish under that icy surface, but I think it’s a lot easier to catch a squirrel than a fish.  Perhaps it’s the challenge then.

Just a few minutes taking the photographs posted here, my hands became numb.  These fishermen are out there for hours and seem to enjoy the moment, maybe the quiet, the solitude.  I say ‘enjoy’ because this is not in the middle of nowhere and his life, his family really don’t depend on his catch.

Perhaps he’s just contemplating Hademard’s conjecture or the existence of perfect cuboids, or whether that light in fridge actually goes off when you close the door.

Meditating over a fishing hole

Meditating over a fishing hole