Winter Colors

OK, Not Much But Still Better Than Nothing

There is not much to see in the garden other than white snow on the ground that’s not leaving us anytime soon.   We just had a snow storm today and another one is due in two days.   Then the temperature will drop into single digits again.  When the weather is this unforgiving, so many birds come around to the feeders, even crows.  Deer and rabbit tracks crisscross the garden and yard looking for food.  I was tempted to feed the deer this winter when I saw seven of them drop by one day to root in the snow for seeds dropped by the birds.  Any edible leaves and branches above the snow were nibbled off.  The thought of feeding them stems from wanting to protect my plants from them, but I know if I do they will continue to return.  There will be more of them too once they know where an easy food source is.  They are fast learners.

Not much I can do outside but refill bird feeders and birdbaths.  I check on plants in the basement once every couple of days and they keep my spirits up.   The tropical plants are doing poorly this winter since it has been much colder than previous years.  Many have dropped leaves and have gone into a semi-dormant stage.  If it’s going to be like this next winter I may consider putting a small heater down there.

Some of them , however, still bloom at this time.  The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera hybrid) has continued producing flowers since December.  The Gerbera started a new flower bud despite a spider mite infestation.  Myrtle is  also blooming.  A little color, a little scent, that’s enough to keep me going.  Spring will come around the corner soon.

The Christmas cactus hasn't stopped blooming
The Christmas cactus hasn’t stopped blooming
Myrtle blooms having just opened up
Myrtle blooms having just opened up
Gerbera by the bay window
Gerbera by the bay window
A new Gerbera flower bud
A new Gerbera flower bud

2 thoughts on “Winter Colors

  1. Beautiful photos. Your cactus has been going a long time and the Gerbera is amazing. I’ve not had luck with them, even outdoors. Is that myrtle the same as a wax myrtle shrub/tree? It’s lovely.

    1. Thank you. I think the cactus plants keep blooming because it is chilly in the basement. When I had them by the bay window, they stopped blooming after the first set of flowers faded and I think it was a temperate reaction. This Myrtle is suppose to be a small shrub but it stays small because I keep it in a pot so I can take it in and out of the house as the weather changes. I love its subtle sweet fragrance and tiny white flowers.

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