Late Autumn

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It has been five months since I posted last.  Aside from busy with work and garden, my doctor advised me to spend less time in front of the computer.  Bursitis and pinched nerve have been giving me aches and pain in my shoulders and arms.  So after a long day of sitting in front of a computer at work, sitting in front of one at home is not recommended.  Surprisingly enough, doing garden chores helps to ease the discomfort and after some routine exercise I’m back.

Autumn is almost gone and we are ready for winter.  All the tropical plants are down in their basement winter camp and the beehives are wrapped up to keep the girls snug.  All the leaves are gone but there are some flowers left in our garden and the Saffron is one of them. We are growing Saffron (Crocus sativus) for the first time and they are blooming.

Sprouting up after a few weeks in the ground
Sprouting up after a few weeks in the ground
Unfurling flower
Unfurling flower
Blooming one after another
Blooming one after another

I’ve been collecting their threads (stigmas) almost daily and dry them on a paper towel for a couple of days before preserving them in the vial.  They have such a subtle scent.

Full bloom with three bright orange stigmas
Full bloom with three bright orange stigmas
Close up
Close up

I’m not sure I can leave them outside during winter.  Winter here can be brutally cold (down to -4F last winter).  They’re in pots now and I plan to put them in the garage once the temperature drops below the freezing point.  Hopefully they’ll grow back and bloom next autumn so I don’t have to pay a hefty amount for just a few threads.

Drying threads on paper towel
Drying threads on paper towel

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  1. Glad you’re back. I wondered if work had gotten extra busy. Garden therapy is a great Rx. Your crocus is pretty. I grew them this year too for the first time but didn’t harvest in time.

    1. I agree that gardening is a great Rx, both mentally and physically. I had been tempted for a year to grow saffron because I love the taste and smell of saffron tea. Finally, held my breath and grew it this year. They’re doing great so far.

    1. Thank you. I admit I have missed my friends here. I’m going to leave one pot outside as a test pot this winter. If they survive the winter, I will put the rest in the ground next year.

      1. Two years ago I left some of the spring blooming crocuses I rescued from work in pots outside and above ground. They survived. Squirrels and chipmunks have taken some but they grew back where they were buried by the critters. So I thought I would try the same trick. ‘Bury the pot’ is a good idea but I will have to wrap chicken wire around it to fend off the cute yet voracious little critters.

    1. Thank you. Saffron is a specific type of crocus, that blooms in autumn and has a lovely fragrance. I fell in love with the fragrance since first using it in cooking years ago. Now I’m hoping I can grow more of it.

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