Sound of Dawn

Morning Chorus

As I posted in the last blog;  birds sing loudly at this time of year. During the very early morning hours when the sun has not yet risen and everything is still in semi darkness, the birds will start to sing.  Early birds sing before they get the worm.  It’s almost like they announce that a new day is coming up on the horizon.

Sound can travel really far.  I can hear the sound of a car in the distance in early morning.  So Sunday is the best day to record birdsong since the neighborhood is quiet; no one has to go to school or to work.  Most people sleep in especially when the weather forecast calls for rain all day.

Except me.  Yes, I am one of those who if I’m not sick, no matter what day of the week, I’m up early.  Only in winter will I let myself sleep a little longer because I cannot really enjoy much in the garden.  I would make coffee and bring it outside while it is still in semi darkness and sit quietly listening to the avian chorus and watching the sunrise.  On a sunny day, the gradual change from darkness to light is magical.

Before Sun rise
Before Sun rise

This morning was one of the perfect ones.  It rained the night before and threatens to rain all day today, Sunday.  At 5:26 am I was out in the garden listening to The North Eastern Birds Chorus performing the ‘Sound of Dawn’.   Check the last blog if you would like to see photos of some of the soloists.

Herewith presented for your pleasure-Sound of Dawn

10 thoughts on “Sound of Dawn

  1. Lovely chorus :-). I’m rarely up that early but it is always magical when I am (and outside in a natural setting). The loudest bird is not familiar to me. He starts a bit later in the chorus and sounds like a two note whistle to me (twee-too, twee-too, twee-too). Can you tell which bird I mean from my explanation?

    1. It’s a Cardinal. He seems to sing this tone only in the morning and evening. Actually,the twee-too, twee-too, twee-too is the second part of his song. He starts with -whit, whit, whit, whit, whit- then follow by-twee-too, twee-too, twee-too

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