End Of The Growing Season

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I’ve been away from blogging for six months but it’s a busy six months.  Started with erecting a deer fence around the garden, which ate up most of my spring.  It turns out that black, plastic net deer fencing has become an ‘IN’ thing for gardeners who have deer problems this year. It has even made the news.

The first round of fence-plastic from the ground up-can only fend off the deer.  Rabbits and woodchucks immediately chewed big holes through so I added a foot and a half of chicken wire at the bottom.  Then they chewed through right above the wire.  I added more chicken wire up to about waist high.  Bravo!  Finally, we have a deer, rabbit and woodchuck free garden.  No more spraying the plants and we still have plenty of flowers for bees and other pollinators.

Then our honeybees kept swarming.  I split a hive for the first time to prevent one of the hives from swarming.  They swarmed anyway. We managed to capture two out of three swarms.

Some of the hives in our garden
Some of the hives in our garden

On top of all this was catching up on cleaning, pruning, transplanting, feeding and other garden chores, plus a full time job.

I would like to express my sincere apology for being A.W.O.L. from blogging.

At the end of the growing season, I can only say that I am satisfied with the garden this year.  We have plenty of flowers and vegetables and not stumps left over after being chewed off.  Our bees are happy and healthy. We were also able to put up a ‘Pollinator Habitat’ sign.

Pollinator Habitat sign from Xerces Society
Pollinator Habitat sign from Xerces Society

As much as we would like to put up a ‘Wildlife Habitat’ sign, we couldn’t since we’ve fenced off the herbivores.  Not much choice there as they can denude a yard in less than a month.

I intend now, to be a tad more prolific than I have been in the past few months.   …At least until the fence is breached.  Then, it’s battle stations once again.   I love deer, rabbits and chucks, just not in my garden.

11 thoughts on “End Of The Growing Season

    1. Thank you. Erecting the deer fence has taken much of my time, partially my mistake. If I had used chicken wire at the bottom when I started I wouldn’t have had to do it twice. But I learned.

      I also feel guilty for chasing the rabbits out as well. The last one that grabbed in the garden was soft, warm and friendly. I’m going to post his photo at a later date.

    1. Thank you. Yes, finally gotten over aches, pains and exhaustion, and everyone is tucked in neatly for the winter…now I have time to read and write.

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