White Christmas

Three Inches Of Good Spirit

We kept checking daily if we’re going to have a white Christmas or not.  The weather forecast kept switching between rain and snow.  This is what I woke up to on Christmas morning…

Before sunrise on Christmas morning, snow dusting on branches

It was a peaceful and quiet morning.  The wind didn’t pick up until close to noon.  Then the trees were flayed bare again by the howling wind.  Plenty of birds flew in for treats since it was hard to dig through three inches of snow.  The Northern Cardinals looked best against white snow, a natural ornament.  The others pretty much blended in with their surrounding.  Somehow the colors of birds we have in winter are in shades of black, white , grey and brown; the Cardinals are the brightest of the bunch.  Here’s one of the Cardinals awaiting his turn for Christmas treats.

A Cardinal waits for his treats

More of birds that came in for treats on Christmas that I managed to snap photos of.


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