Marvelous Melon Tunnel

Way To Grow

We are back from a few weeks of vacation on the other side of the planet.  It was nice to be disconnected from the internet.  Please don’t take offense.  I love reading the blogs I follow but sometime we need to disconnect from technology and appreciate what’s around us.

Anyway, we stoped at this temple, Wat Khun-Intha Pramul, to take a look at a reclining Buddha that is the longest, from head to toe, in Thailand.  Aside from the ancient statue, we found an interesting melon garden that is more like a melon tunnel on the temple property.

Variety of melons, gourds and pumpkins hanging down from the bamboo structure
More melons and gourds under one of the ‘T’ shaped tunnels
Melon tunnel-outside
The tunnel entrance also covered with vines

I put a short clip of walking through one of the tunnels.  Coming out the other end was a surprise. Hope you enjoy the walk…

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