The Little Scoundrels It’s hard for a gardener or anyone who is interested in gardening or nature not to mention squirrels.  Lately a couple of bloggers I follow have posted about them.  There was also a squirrel documentary on television showing their agility and cleverness.  After all they are rodents with an excellent Public Relations department. Squirrels in our garden ruined many bird feeders, dug … Continue reading Squirrels

Presumed Innocent Rabbit

He Insisted So Getting outside to do my garden routine early this morning, I found this individual in the middle of the walkway right outside the door.  Seeing me, he froze with a mouthful of Garden Phlox.  When asked, he insisted that he found it.  Claimed that he didn’t chew anything off.   He also insisted that it wasn’t him that had eaten my chrysanthemum by the … Continue reading Presumed Innocent Rabbit