New Visitor

Finally Caught on Camera Every year we look for new lives visiting our garden and nature has never stopped surprising us.  I still remember when I saw my first Downy woodpecker in the garden years ago when the yard was still barren, just green lawn and trees.  I was so excited to see the woodpecker, a rare occasion back then. After a decade of organic gardening and … Continue reading New Visitor

Tree Swallows

Back From The South We were glad to see our old friends who flew back from the South, the Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor).  It’s fun to watch them chirping while gliding around at high speed.  This spring one of their usual nest boxes was taken first by an Eastern Bluebird family (previous post) which had already produced four beautiful eggs.  One of the Swallows poked its head in the house … Continue reading Tree Swallows

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Friendly Little Ladies Our Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) population has increased this year.  I think they are programmed to come back here since we provide so much food for them.  I mentioned on a previous blog that I grow Columbine for Hummingbirds and the variety of columbine has increased as well.  I had added Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans), Bee balm (Monarda didyma), and Scarlet runner bean … Continue reading Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Settling Down

Bluebird building the nest. After a day of fierce fighting for new home between the Eastern Bluebirds and the Tree Swallows, they both finally settled on a place to raise their kids.  The Swallows took the same old house that they have been nesting in for the last couple of summers.  The Bluebirds settled on the house by the vegetable garden.  To my relief, of … Continue reading Settling Down

Hope they settle down soon

Tree Swallow vs Eastern Bluebird The usual visitors to our garden in the past few years just came back…the Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor).  We heard their unique gargle-like chirp up in the sky a few days ago.  Four of them.  Yesterday they were chased off by the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) couple that have been checking the bird houses in our garden.  They have narrowed … Continue reading Hope they settle down soon