Bill’s Favorite Bird I have always wondered why nature created this bird the way it is, for what purpose.  It can literately walk up and down the tree trunk and perch in the upside down position comfortably.  I’m talking about the Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis).   The upside down part seems to be the most comfortable position for them.  Once we saw a Nuthatch spin round … Continue reading Nuthatch

My alarm clock

He wakes me each morning We have a pair of Carolina Wrens (Thryothorus ludovicianus) in our garden.  I said “a pair” since they always arrive together at the suet or the seed feeders.  From what I have read, they are monogamous and stay together all year round.  The male sings lovely songs and very loudly for such a tiny bird.  I can hear him from … Continue reading My alarm clock

Cardinal Family

Hope to add a few chicks to the flock. I thought the Cardinals wouldn’t nest in our garden this year since it’s already July.  I don’t remember exactly when they nested over the last couple of years.  I do remember they liked to nest in the rose bushes though.  The first one I saw was in the wild rose bush, but unfortunately the brood didn’t survive. … Continue reading Cardinal Family

Cooper’s Hawk

Mr. Shorty That’s the nickname of our residence Cooper’s Hawk.  We considered other nicknames briefly, Howard Hawks; Hudson Hawk, perhaps Danny Aiello’s least proud film; Tony Hawk, but that last one was definitely beneath him.  ‘Shorty’ fit the best for someone about the size of a loaf of bread.  We can’t tell which gender so we have arbitrarily assigned “he” due to his majestic countenance. … Continue reading Cooper’s Hawk