Right In The Kitchen People start projects for various reasons.  I know many people raise vermicomposting worms to be used as bait or to sell their casting, a technical term for worm poo, or just to compost.  Why do I raise worms?  Convenience and a little bit of laziness. We have a large compost bin at... Continue Reading →

Space Saving

Working Pretty Well I love beans, all types of beans, and fresh picked beans are the best.  They are crispy and sweet when blanched.  Some beans are good to eat fresh like Asian Long bean.   So I've never missed growing beans each summer.   In the past, growing beans has taken up some valuable... Continue Reading →

Take Out Food with Conscience

And it’ll get even cheaper..... Yes, it will be cheaper if you use what comes with your take out food: containers, cups, chopsticks, knives, spoons, extra napkins.  You can calculate the cost saving yourself. Cups:  I love them.  They are perfect for protecting your small plants from cutworms and slugs once you cut the bottoms... Continue Reading →

Coffee Drinker and Garden

Not just a cup of coffee Though we spend less on our garden now than when I started invading the lawn, we still spent a thousand dollars or so on it each year.  Everything combined it adds up: organic fertilizer, birdfeeder, bird food and new additions to the garden.  If we can cut down expenses... Continue Reading →

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