Chili Peppers

A Good Year I have fun growing chili peppers and continue searching for new varieties to add to my collection.  Growing varieties of chili peppers stems from my love for spicy food.  This year I grew fourteen kinds of chili peppers, plus Hungarian paprika, Little bell pepper and Baby bell pepper.  I ran out of space basically.  As much as I love peppers, I needed to grow some other … Continue reading Chili Peppers

City Tomato

A Will To Live I snapped this photo while I was on a lunch break.  A healthy tomato squeezing up from a crack in the sidewalk, between a drain pipe and a building.  It’s over a foot tall now so it’s been there for while. Who said a tomato plant is fussy and difficult to grow; this tomato defies the genre.  This one tough tomato … Continue reading City Tomato

Cold Frame Unveiled

It worked! Last year was the first time I grew vegetable in a cold frame.  It was an experiment in extending the growing season without using a heater.  I started late in autumn so the seedlings didn’t have much of a chance to build up strength.  The winter was also brutally cold with temperatures dropping below 0ºF for several days at a time.  Two feet of snow completely blocked the … Continue reading Cold Frame Unveiled